Arrow‘s Stephen Amell Got Ripped For The Sake Of Authenticity, Not For Us To Drool Over Him


People, have you seen the clips from Arrow, the CW’s new superhero show? Ostensibly, it’s about Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), a rich playboy who gets shipwrecked for five years and returns home a changed man, bent on delivering justice and saving his city from other corrupt rich folks. But when I watched those clips, I forgot anything about plot, because they really are about Amell’s abs, arms and ability to leap tall fences in a single bound. I mean, damn. When I caught up with him at San Diego Comic-Con, I asked for his training regimen, just in case, you know, I want to become a hooded vigilante myself.

“There was fight training parkuor, yoga. There was the systematic destruction of my forearms so I could block punches. There was stretching, archery and dietary restrictions,” he listed. Oh, is that all? “It was easy from the standpoint of, I didn’t have to search anywhere for motivation. I just knew that I had to do it. It wasn’t like an elective change. It was like you have to do this, and that was it.”

Stephen Amell in Arrow

And no, it’s not all for aesthetics, Amell explained. It’s because the Green Arrow is no spider-bitten mutant or alien orphan. And when he snaps a man’s neck in the first episode, he said, he wants it to look real. That sentence gave me the chills, so let’s go back to watching him work out.

[Photos: CW]

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