Vampire Diaries Alum Matt Davis Mixes Old “Family” With New At Comic-Con


If you’re like me, you haven’t entirely come to terms with the loss of Alaric on The Vampire Diaries. Good thing we don’t have to miss actor Matt Davis for very long: He’s got the lead in the CW’s mid-season drama Cult. The suspenseful mystery is hard to summarize, even for its stars, but let’s just say it’s a show about a TV show about a cult, whose superfans suddenly appear to be in grave danger. The Lost-like air of mystery already has the show gaining buzz at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, which gave Davis the perfect excuse to get to hang out with his Vampire Diaries pals while promoting his new gig. Not to make him feel sad or anything, but I had to ask him what he misses most about being in Mystic Falls.

“My friends. My family. After three years, I’ve become so close with everyone, it breaks my heart to think that I’m not out with them right now,” he told me, a little wistfully. “I’ll see them here, which is great. I love that [Cult] has come as far as it has, that it’s being well received, that we’re at Comic-Con so it’s paralleling them. It’s a good way to segue out of a show like Vampire Diaries.”

Now that he’s the main character of a new show, he must be relieved to be a little less, well, expendable. But that’s not why Matt’s really looking forward to about his role.

“What I’ve learned from the Vampire Diaries is how to be creatively vocal, constructively vocal and becoming a part of the collaborative effort in the storytelling,” he explained. “So for me I very much want to bring my sensibility and my input to this creative process. Because I am so much involved in social media, it’s an interesting parallel with the show that will fit nicely.”

On the show, the superfans are very involved in Cult‘s web community, so we’re excited to see how Matt gets to play around with the real-life show’s site. “I would ultimately like for this show to become much more interactive beyond the television. I’d like for the show to be able to get into your telephone, in your computer, your email and tell you stories that involve you creatively.” We just hope he doesn’t start kidnapping us too. Or, well, maybe we wouldn’t mind.

[Photo: CW]

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