Is Breaking Bad‘s Walter White A Hero Or A Villain? We Asked Bryan Cranston For His Thoughts


It’s safe to say that tonight’s fifth season premiere of Breaking Bad is the most-anticipated television moment since, well, the fifth season premiere of Mad Men back in March. (You gotta hand it to those dudes at AMC!) To wit, most reports coming out of Comic-Con this weekend have pegged the audience reaction at the Breaking Bad premiere party as the most-fevered of the weekend, despite the fact that the hard-boiled show about meth-making and dealing isn’t exactly what you’d imagine would spawn tens of thousands of geekgasms.

Our trusty VH1 News correspondent Kate Spencer caught up with none other than Bryan Cranston, who plays Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White, at the world premiere of BB: S5 last night and asked him a doozy of a question: Is Walter White a hero or a villain? “If he has to use lethal force to protect his family, from his standpoint? I don’t know if he’d consider himself a hero OR a villain. He’s just trying to make his way.”

You can get Bryan’s thoughts on Jesse Pinkman, playing the dentist on Seinfeld, “ma-fatherly” and “the tap” in our video before. Oh, and if you have yet to see Dean Norris (who plays the DEA Agent Hank on the show) dressed up as Xena The Warrior Princess, you MUST check out our gallery below!

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