True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard, Rutina Wesley Geek Out Over Supernatural Powers At Comic-Con


So, yeah, the True Blood panel at San Diego Comic-Con was plenty sexy, what with the stripper moves and the talk of Eric and Bill spooning in a trunk all weekend. But when the cast got to the Warner Bros. booth on the conference center floor, they were appropriately in real geek mode. These guys and girls really enjoy a good chat about their characters supernatural abilities. Maybe they were in the mood because of the new baby vampire on the scene, Rutina Wesley’s Tara Thornton. Rutina’s clearly enjoying her fangs more than her character, but she thinks Tara will come around soon.

“Hopefully, Tara will be able to accept who she is and learn to love being a vampire,” she told VH1. “That struggle of her being a human versus being a vampire is going to be interesting to see her deal with this season, but I think she’ll eventually come around.”

But if she had her choice, would Wesley want to be a vamp or one of the other species in Charlaine Harris’ world? “I’ve always said that I’d like to be a shifter, because you’d be able to shift into random stuff,” she said. “Like, someone’s having a conversation and you’d be like, ‘I want to know what they’re talking about –– I’m going to be a fly on the wall.’ ”

Alexander Skarsgard wouldn’t change a thing about Eric Northman’s abilities. Well, except he doesn’t think he’s been flying nearly enough. (Flying isn’t what we’ve been missing from him this season, but that’s another story.)

Meanwhile, after watching what happened to Sam Merlotte last week, we wondered why he doesn’t just shapeshift himself into something big and mean more often. “He likes to save things,” Sam Trammell explained to us. “He likes to have a little saved in the gas tank, so to speak.”

[Photo: HBO]

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