Exclusive: Aaron Paul On Possible Jesse Pinkman Death: “I Hope He Goes Out Guns Blazing”


It’s more or less impossible to pick a favorite character on Breaking Bad. Gus was arguably one of TV ‘s all time greatest villains, Hank’s obsession with minerals and his unwavering determination to nail Heisenberg is always TV gold, and then there’s just Marie being Marie. But there’s something special about Jesse Pinkman – his constant use of “yo” and “bitch,” his tiny red car, his desperate, misguided attempts to love and be loved. If Walt is the brains, then Jesse is the heart of the operation — and the show.

So it was no surprise that the Comic-Con crowd welcomed the actor with a standing ovation on Friday, nor was it a surprise that the fans crammed into Ballroom 20 booed when show creator Vince Gilligan teased the possibility of Jesse Pinkman dying this season. When we caught up with Aaron at the show’s premiere on Saturday, he had this to say about whether or not Jesse will get a happy ending. “I hope so,” said the actor. “Hopefully he survives. If not, I hope he at least goes out guns blazing, in a blaze of glory.”

As for Gilligan’s hinting that Jesse’s life may be cut short? Says Aaron, “It’s so depressing. I hope something good happens for him, because I care for him deeply.”

So do we, yo. So do we.

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