Kim Kardashian Spills Out Of Her Top … For A Whole Weekend


Kim Kardashian, Miami, Shows Off Bra, Swimsuit

We know that it’s pretty hard to kontain Kim Kardashian‘s kurves (sorry guys, we couldn’t help ourselves), but she really took it to the max this weekend. The photograph you see in the middle was tweeted by her — of course it was — less than a day ago, with the caption, “Good morning Miami.” Which translates into — Hello, Miami World … look at me look at me look at me! On another note, we really want those shoes. As far as swimsuit shots go, it’s pretty hot, but we’re wondering how you think it compares to that other untouched bikini shot she tweeted last week? They are both completely different vibes — one glamorous and one natural — but what side of Kim do you prefer?

The pictures on the left and the right were taken while the Kardashian babe accompanied boyfriend Kanye West to a music studio, in Miami still. Yeezy’s apparently recording with the Palestinian DJ Khaled on a music video. Now while those Christian Louboutin’s are intense and gorgeous, are they really daytime wear, Kim? A little too OTT, innit? But what really don’t understand is that outfit. Leather skirt with mesh panels? With a stringy tank-top that wouldn’t stay put and ended up flashing Kim’s mesh bra to the whole world. We don’t get it. But we do find it hilarious that the paparazzo is clearly hiding in the foliage around the studio to get these shots, because that definitely isn’t an artistic green filter in the shot on the left. Kim … it maybe time to actually cover up, girl. The mesh bra is too much, even for us. Miami really got a taste of the Kardashian-kleavage this weekend. We wonder how long it’ll take for them to recover.

[Photos: Splash News Online/ Twitter]

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