Coco’s Latest Twitter Pic Is Anything Butt Shy


If anyone questioned Coco’s position on nudity, please look no further than the above photo she posted last week. It’s sure to shock even those that understand that “appropriateness” has an entirely different definition for the model/reality-TV star.

“Haha, I have fun taking Thong Thursday pics…That was taken after boxing class,” Coco tweeted on @cocosworld. We have definitely seen our share of provocative photos from Coco, but this latest image is, well, extra unfiltered. On one hand, we gotta hand it to you, Coco: We applaud you for your obvious self-assurance in your body image and give it up to you for your dedication to boxing class…your perky, firm butt definitely confirms your workouts have been paying off. (No cellulite here!) On the other hand, maybe this pic falls more under the category of a photo you text to Ice-T? But whatever is working for you, Hunny. Check out the whole NSFW shebang after the jump, and tell us if you think she should hold back or keep those Thong Thursdays coming.

Coco tweets her butt

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[Photo: Twitter]

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