Outlander To Be Adapted For TV By Battlestar Galactica Producer


Kate Winslet and James McAvoy, our casting choices for Outlander

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Hunger Games casting speculation and Comic-Con reports for another bit of fangirling: Deadline reports that Sony is closing a deal to turn one of my all-time favorite time-traveling romance book series, Diana Gabaldon‘s Outlander, into a TV show. And it will be Battlestar Galactica exec producer Ron Moore at the helm, so you know it will be epic.

“Big fan of @Writer_DG’s Outlander books for many years, excited for the opportunity to do a FAITHFUL interpretation!” Moore tweeted this afternoon. That’s the kind of statement a fan can get behind!

Let me take a step back and tell the uninitiated why this is so exciting: Outlander is about an English nurse named Claire Randall who takes a vacation with her husband in Scotland shortly after World War II. While out exploring on her own (OK, following some suspicious ladies doing a Wiccan ritual), she accidentally steps into a portal and winds up in the Scotland of 1743, when a number of Highland tribes are plotting a rebellion against the English king. Claire’s outspoken modern ways and her medical knowledge get her in a number of touchy situations, but fortunately a young Highlander named Jamie Fraser keeps coming to her rescue. Unfortunately, she finds out that Jamie’s mortal enemy, an English soldier named Jack Randall, happens to be her 1945 husband’s ancestor. The story weaves magic, medical drama, historical fiction and humor into a very engrossing (if long) package. Also, two selling points: sexy men in kilts and awesome witch conspiracies.

Without spoiling the series for you (READ IT NOW), I would just like to suggest my own fantasy casting ideas: My favorite swoonworthy Scot James McAvoy as Jamie (hey, he can die his hair red easily enough!), and Kate Winslet as Claire (again, her look’s different from the book, but she’s got Claire’s spirit, and she’s hilarious when she’s playing super frustrated with men and their manly ways). Though I doubt these two would do regular TV, maybe they’d be up for a shorter, HBO-style series. What do you think, Outlander fans?

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