Allure Publishes Their Blandest Cover Yet, With Kate Beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale Allure August Cover

Allure is essentially a beauty magazine, so we can’t understand how they came up with this? They have Kate Beckinsale on their August cover, who is gorgeous. They also have access to the best products and makeup stylists, so no excuses again. How is it that they made such a lovely woman look so bland? We’re not saying they should have put her in teal eyeliner and fuchsia lips, but the combination of the dark brows, non-descript eyes and nude lips is just completely blah. And that smile looks forced. Somebody give the woman a tube of lip gloss, please? Luckily, some of the shots inside make up for the cover, and Kate also compensates by jumping off the page with her personality. She has a laugh about herself, especially with regard to her upcoming film, Total Recall, saying, “It’s an odd trajectory, I’ll give you that. If you’d asked me when I was at Oxford, ‘Do you think you’ll ever be running up and down holding a machine gun as a bad guy in a big American movie?’ I would have said, ‘God, no!'” Which also subtly reminds the ready that this beauty has brains thanks to the Oxford name-drop.

The laughs continue with her talking about her training regime, which we’re guessing also applies for the Underworld series. “On the first day, they took me out and said, ‘We just want to kind of get a sense of where you’re at. So let’s just see how you run,'” she says. “They had me run across the parking lot. I ran like a girl, with my arms up, so that had to be knocked out of me. Then it was ‘All right, let’s see you throw a punch.’ I did, and therefore earned myself a couple months of boxing training.” Badass, beautiful and brainy — this woman deserved a better cover, Allure peeps! It’s not particularly … alluring.

[Photo via Allure]

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