Arrow‘s Stephen Amell Unmasked: New Girl Jerk Is Really A Sweet Canadian!


If you didn’t fall in love with Stephen Amell from watching his workout routine in the trailer for the CW’s Arrow, maybe watching his interview with us at Comic-Con last week will do the trick. How can you not swoon for that Canadian lilt? It’s certainly gone a long way toward making us forget that he played CeCe’s jerky boyfriend Kyle on New Girl last season. Now that his name is all over the place, can we count on him getting a return cameo once in a while, just to keep Schmidt on his toes?

“I’m kind of busy now, but those guys were awesome,” he told VH1. “I liked watching those guys work, and I really like doing comedy, so I hope that Kyle makes a return. We’ll see. It’d be super cool if I was in L.A. to do a day on the New Girl set. They were so helpful, too, because I was shooting Private Practice at the same time. They wanted my character to come back and to make it possible to do both of those shows in the same day, actually. I like those people there, and I’m glad they’re having such success.”

Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amell of Arrow

The guy just oozes nice, doesn’t he? It’s a credit to his acting skills that he’s now got the lead playing playboy turned hooded vigilante Oliver Queen on Arrow — he works for good, but he’s a little more determined badass than nice guy. And yet, check out his answer to our question about what’s different for him about being the lead, after a bunch of co-starring and guest roles, and you will swoon once again.

“When we were shooting the pilot in Vancouver, I got there a couple of weeks before everybody, I was there after everybody,” Amell said. “I got to know cast and crew, and for me it was kind of like you’re the ambassador for everybody else, you’re kind of like the captain. You’re responsible for the mood on the set. Because if everybody’s going to take their cues off of you, which not everybody does, it’s easiest for the person who’s leading the show to set a good example. I felt that responsibility more than I ever had.”

Want to see him be even nicer? Head over to his videos on WhoSay, where he answers fans’ questions from the set.

OK, now don’t forget to watch Stephen snap guys’ necks with his bare hands when Arrow comes to the CW in October!

[Photo: Stephen Amell’s Facebook]

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