Beyonce’s New Midnight Heat Campaign Lacks Fire


Beyonce Campaign For Midnight Heat

Are we being blasphemous about Beyonce? We feel really, really bad about putting Bey in the same sentence as “lacks fire” because she’s so hot usually. But when we looked at the advertisement for her new fragrance Midnight Heat — see above — we were really disappointed. It’s not that she isn’t gorgeous, because she totally is. It’s because it’s so boring and literal. We understand that Beyonce has to schill this to a large, diverse fan-base and can’t do anything too far out or outre. But this is the same woman who made videos like Single Ladies and Who Run The World. She can afford to break out of the mold once in a while and we really wish she had done it in this perfume advertisement. We say this especially after writing about Lady Gaga‘s ad for Fame, which we posted yesterday. Gaga was buck naked it in, with little men crawling all over her and we still didn’t think it was risque enough for the singer. That’s how much she pushes the envelope. So we really wish that Bey had done the same and hadn’t made this shot so stereotypical. Sexy hair flying, sexy dress in a color reminiscent of midnight, on a rooftop against the midnight sky — we get it.

[Photo via Sassi Sam]

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