Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn Won’t “Indulge In Theories” Again With 666 Park Avenue


After six seasons of constantly being asked “What is the island?” “Who is the man in black?” and “What’s up with that smoke monster?”, Lost alum Terry O’Quinn is not in the least bit reluctant to dig into another show with a whole lot of mysteries. In fact, he’s hoping that Gavin Doran, his devilish character on ABC’s new fall TV offering 666 Park Avenue, will eventually become as ambiguous as John Locke.

“No, one-dimensional characters, not appealing! So, hopefully I can develop this character into — so far he has only one dimension and it’s not very nice,” O’Quinn told VH1 at San Diego Comic-Con. By “not very nice” he means being the kind of Upper East Side landlord that buys tenants’ souls in exchange for certain favors. And while he probably isn’t the devil himself, he and his lovely wife, played by Vanessa Williams, might be on a first-name basis with the guy.

So, to make him multi-dimensional, does Terry hope we’ll see a good side to Gavin? “Well, at least something that makes us ask questions. Something that makes us feel that we can’t necessarily safely assume that this guy is always going to do the worst thing.”

Vanessa Williams and Terry O'Quinn of ABC's 666 Park Avenue

The cast has shot only the pilot so far, so O’Quinn knows no more than those of us who’ve screened the first episode. And he’s pledging not to make any guesses about what’s really going on in the basement of 666 Park. “I don’t indulge myself in theories,” he told us, having learned his lesson on Lost. “The problem with theories is that you begin to eventually, subconsciously or consciously, act on those theories, and then you’re wrong. You went down a dead-end street. So I’m just going to wait until they hand me a script and try to act on that.”

OK, Terry. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be guessing at home!

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