Newt Gingrich Might Have Been Joking About Him Making A Snooki & JWoww Cameo; We’re Not


What’s this burning sensation? Is this what synergy feels like? Either we need to see a doctor immediately, or we’re right in thinking a Newt Gingrich/Snooki mash-up would have tremendous grossover appeal. We meant to type “crossover,” but we’re keeping it because it just feels right. Either way, the former Congressman and current conservative pundit definitely shared a moment with the Jersey Shore star on Leno last night. “I’m very impressed!” Gingrich gushed at Snooki during her interview about her writing career, adding, “Congratulations on having two New York Times best-sellers!” Man, this is like Snooki/John McCain all over again, but without all the messy sexual tension! It was in that moment we realized how Newt and Snooki’s similarities would make for a perfect reality show team-up on Snooki & JWoww. Similarities like…

  1. A focus on family values.
  2. Similar head circumference (Ideal gigantic hat-sharing conditions! Squeee!)
  3. A desire to bask in the warm glow of nation-wide attention forever and ever, amen.
  4. The tendency to look endearingly silly standing next to JWoww.
  5. Have both taken a trip down the Jersey Turnpike at some point in their lives. (Note: please interpret this double entendre to your liking.)

So why in the Holy Reality TV Lord’s name would Newt and Snooki ever work together? Look, Gingrich needs to find an in with the Under 70 crowd and Snooki….well, have you seen Snooki & JWoww? It’s fun, but with Snooki’s pregnancy and engagement precluding the drinking, fighting and stranger smooshing of Jersey Shore, the ladies have a lot of airtime to fill. Airtime that could be filled giving Newt Gingrich a guidette makeover!

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