NKOTB’s Mustaches Remind Us That Some Celeb Men Look Way Worse With Facial Hair


Donnie Wahlberg, we appreciate the shirtlessness you’re bringing to Twitter. The lip sweaters, not so much. “After 3 months cultivating, countless insults, thousands of requests to shave the #stache,” Donnie tweeted, along with a photo of New Kids on the Block sporting a set of virile mustaches. Countless requests to shave, you say? Yeah, that seems about right. While we’re not going to pretend they’re all suddenly gargoyles now that they’re sporting a little lip magic (Hello, Joey McIntyre. You seem to be doing…very well), overall it’s not a great look.

Of course, Donnie and the gang aren’t the only hot dudes whose facial hair lowers their babe quotient. We know! It doesn’t really make any sense! We love guys with ‘staches and beards as much as you do! But from Leo DiCaprio to Tom Sturridge, Shia LaBeouf to Ben Affleck, we guess some guys just look better clean-shaven. Guys like…

Adam Levine With Bear

Adam Levine: Are we the only ones who think he looks a little like Snoopy’s cousin Spike from Peanuts? You know, the one who lives in the desert? Google him. You’ll see what we mean.

Shia LaBeouf Facial Hair

Shia LaBeouf: Shia has facial hair so frequently, we forget. We forget the truth.

Jake Gyllenhaal Facial Hair

Jake Gyllenhaal: Humina either way, but humina humina to Jake’s clean-shaven look.

Tom Hardy Facial Hair

Tom Hardy: From Hobbit to Hottie: The Tom Hardy Story

Penn Badgley Facial Hair

Penn Badgley: We think Bearded Penn Badgley might have traveled back in time to teach our seventh grade art class.

Tom Sturridge Facial Hair

Tom Sturridge: We mean…come on.

Joaquin Phoenix Facial Hair

Joaquin Phoenix: It saddens us that some people don’t realize Joaquin Phoenix is eye-blisteringly gorgeous under that giant face mop.

Leo DiCaprio Facial Hair

Leo DiCaprio: Which of you supermodels told him to keep that goatee? Which was it?

Ben Affleck Facial Hair

Ben Affleck: Jennifer Garner, this falls on your shoulders. This falls…on your shoulders.

[Photo: Twitter/ Splash News Online]

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