5 WTF Moments From Project Runway’s Season 10 Premiere


When Project Runway: All Stars premiered back in January we thought it would fill the void left by the original. But as hard as host and supermodel Angela Lindvall tried, she just couldn’t compete with Heidi Klum and her aufiderzein-ing authority. Luckily for us, Project Runway is back with judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, plus new (and crazy) designers. Speaking of crazy, it seems Harvey Weinstein and Co. upped the kooky factor with this tenth season’s contestants. We had no fewer than ten WTF moments before their hastily designed garments hit the stage in the middle of Times Square. We’re giving you the top five here, but let us know in the comments what you thought of Project Runway‘s return.

1. What’s in a name? Looking at the names of this year’s contestants, you’d think the casting agents selected designers with the most exotic moniker. After this season of Runway, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Buffi, Kooan, Lantie, Gunnar atop next year’s list of most popular baby names.


2. It’s the Gunnar and Christopher Show. Project Runway has always produced memorable characters (hey, Anthony Williams! Love your work on Singles Ladies), but two of this season’s contestants are way over the top. Gunnar and Christopher having already started offering up (unsolicited) critiques of their fellow contestants garments, as well as biting remarks toward one another. Some of our favorites:

“This isn’t Project Obnoxious. This is get your s**t together and put it on the runway.” – Christopher

“I don’t think that I like Christopher, because he’s very similar to my personality. There’s only room for one star in the sky and that’s me.”- Gunnar

“He should be on Toddlers and Tiaras not Project Runway.” – Christoper

3. Don’t hate, congratulate. Runway is celebrating it’s tenth anniversary season and Heidi Klum doesn’t look a day over 31 (the age she was when the show started). We don’t know if it’s her recent separation from Seal that has her glowing, but whatever it is, we want some of it.

4. A reject from LMFAO joins the cast. Ok, not really. But we couldn’t have been the only ones to notice Kooan’s striking resemblance to Redfoo. If he doesn’t win Runway, at least he has a shot at joining the pop duo; he already has the crazy ‘fro and off the wall fashion sense.

5. Deep Throat has been reincarnated as Patricia Field. Her style is still fierce, but what is up with her voice? It sounded like producers filled Patty’s guest judge gift basket with packs of Marlboro cigarettes.

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