Dark Knight Hotness: Can You Choose Between Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Tom Hardy?


Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy

Not that we want to earn the wrath of those rabid Batman fans attacking critics of The Dark Knight Rises, but we have one small beef with Christopher Nolan‘s latest: Christian Bale and Tom Hardy hide those gorgeous mugs way too much! At least Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets to spend his parts of the movie mask-free. Yes, we are total girls and entirely missing the point here. But did you really come to VH1 Celebrity for in-depth analysis of Bane’s motivation? No. You are here to help us make a very important decision: to choose which of these Dark Knight stars is the hottest.

Besides being Nolan faves, these three stars share a few other things in common: They’re not afraid to mar their looks for the sake of a role. Bale bulks up and skinnies down at will, plus there was that terrible facial hair he sported in 2011. Hardy morphed his body and shaved his head for Bane, making us forget how delectable he can be at his fighting weight (see: the underrated This Means War). Gordon-Levitt makes sacrifices of the goofy kind, hiding his hotness behind goofy faces. But if you take a gander at this gallery, we’re sure you’ll agree that these gentleman are, in real life and on screen, a feast for the eyes. Now tell us which dish you prefer.

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[Photos: Warner Bros.]

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