The Bachelorette Trailer Looks A Lot Like Bridesmaids; We Mean That As The Highest Compliment.


The new trailer for Kristen Dunst‘s wedding comedy Bachelorette is out, and it looks flawless. It also looks very, very familiar. A pack of friends who must grapple with jealousy, gentlemen and Jell-O shots before eventually realizing the only thing that really matters is friendship? Sign us up…again! Really, now that we think about it, Bachelorette is basically the bachelorette party scene we never got to see in Bridesmaids, blown out into full-length movie form. A stroke of genius, is what we’re saying. Of course, we noticed a few other elements present in both films, specifically…


  • A rubenesque comic actress poised to steal the show: Rebel Wilson was in Bridesmaids as Kristen Wiig‘s roommate’s sister, people! The fact she’s the bride in Bachelorette just feels right.
  • Drunken escapades: Kristen Wiig got tackled on a plane; Isla Fisher finds herself on the stage at a strip club…and splashing around in a pool…and too drunk to stand up…
  • A beautiful dress being destroyed: This time by two women trying to squeeze into it, rather than…well, you remember. A loooooot of bad stuff happened to some very lovely gowns in Bridesmaids.
  • An epic meltdown, courtesy of the bride: Maya Rudolph screamed about getting her most intimate of areas bleached. “I’m walk in and wear my pajamas like I’m Michael Jackson,” Rebel Wilson despairs.


  • Male strippers

This is only based on the trailer, but Point: Bachelorette.

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