Kim Kardashian Takes A Pot Shot At Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape


Kim Kardashian Makes Fun Of Paris Hilton's Sex Tape

One Night In Paris is the gift that keeps on giving. Wait — the sounded wrong. What we mean is that the sex tape Paris Hilton made, and which leaked all over the world, back in 2003, will never fall off the pop culture radar. Like, never ever. It’s become so much a part of our lexicon that we have have folks like Kim Kardashian making references to it. Did we say references? We meant pot shots. Cue Keeping Up With the Kardashians this weekend, where Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner actually spied on Bruce Jenner‘s golf game with Angie Everhart. Do we even get into that? We can’t. We just — can’t. Don’t “spy” on your husband for ratings, Kris. It’s really bad form. Anyhow, during this little recon mission, Kris asked Kim, “Do you have a night vision camera?” Kim’s response was, “No. That was Paris Hilton.” Oh well done, Kim. Great “reference” to the night vision shots of Paris cavorting with Rick Saloman on her sex tape. How clever of you. NOT. What’s that they say about people who live in glass houses? Just because you’re dating Kanye West now does not mean that your own personal 2007 sex tape dramz with Ray J has been magically erased, Ms. Kardashian. Or is it okay to randomly bring that up on reality shows too? Honestly, if someone actually did bring up Kim’s sex tape now, we have a feeling her reaction — or rather, her expression —  would be something like this.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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