Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney’s Date Night Proves Celebs Are Just Like Us: Boringly Normal


We always sort of hope we’ll never see Lady Gaga doing anything we do. Going to the laundromat, being on-time to a dental appointment, shopping for toilet paper while wearing Crocs: that’s stuff for people like us to be seen doing in public. Which is why Lady Gaga’s perfectly normal, unquestionably average dinner date with on-again, off-again boyfriend Taylor Kinney at her father’s New York restaurant Joanne is a borderline let-down. We know Gaga isn’t obligated to play a piano made of human hair while wearing a latex Victoria wedding dress at all times. We just…we just like it when she does.

We’ll give girl some leeway, though; she was kind enough to play one of the tracks from her upcoming album last night after some New York City fans swarmed her car. You can try and see if you can actually hear any of the song, which was posted online by at least one little monster, but there is too much background to guarantee for sure it’s a banger. On a related note, if we ever yell, “Listen to my CD” over a new Lady Gaga track, someone lock us inside that hair piano and throw away the key, for real.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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