True Blood‘s 5 Best V Trips (That Are Less Traumatic Than Last Night’s)


Alexander Skarsgard and Lucy Griffiths on True Blood

I was bouncing up and down with Glee to see Bill riding piggyback on Eric as they joined Russell Edgington and the Council on their Lilith-blood trip through Bourbon Street. Weee! Another hilarious True Blood drug scene! And then, my hopes were quickly dashed as the scene in the karaoke party unfolded. No happy fun times there. In order to heal from those traumatic scenes today, I decided to look back at the most blissful of V trips and fairy-blood rolls from seasons past. I know drugs are bad, but hell, if I could join Eric on a bed in the middle of a snowy field, you wouldn’t be able to stop me.

5. Andy Bellefleur’s super strength (season 4)

Sheriff Bellefleur is probably the best example of why not to drink vampire blood (aside from Jason’s, er, difficulty in season 1). He was a pretty uncontrollable addict for a while there. But the above scene, when he displayed superhuman strength to lend Holly a hand with her furniture, might have been the moment the bumbling sheriff won the heart of Bon Temps’ friendly witch.

4. Jason and Amy romp through a field (season 1)

If it weren’t for the fact that this last trip ended in Amy’s untimely death, this would have been our favorite V scene. So magical and carefree!

3. Eric drinks a fairy and swims in the sunshine (season 4)

Both Eric and Alcide end up naked in this scene, so that should sell it right there. But also, we just adore the delight on amnesiac Eric’s face as he asks Sookie to come play with him while he enjoys the effects of drinking up her cousin’s last drop of blood.

2. Lafayette does the worm after drinking Eric’s blood (season 2)

I think we watched this scene five times when it first aired. Yep, it looks like ancient vampire blood is just what the doctor ordered for Lafayette’s leg.

1. Sookie and Eric drink each other’s blood (season 4)

“Why is there a bed?” is one of my all-time favorite lines in True Blood history (that probably says a lot about me). This scene was both erotic and hilarious, and extremely reminiscent of that amazing rainbow sex scene in Anchorman. If you squint, you can see the Disney characters.

[Photo: HBO]

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