Madonna Claims Gaga Ripped Off “Born This Way” Yet Again. We Think It’s Time To Let It Go, Madge


We all love it when Madonna throws her personal brand of ice-cold shade, but this whole situation is getting out of control. “I’m glad I could help her write it,” Madge smirked during a Brazilian TV interview, after being asked her opinion of Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way.” Ah, the chill! It burns! Seeing as how we’ve heard this exact snark before, we guess Madge is content to openly rip on Gaga whenever it amuses her? Seriously, how many times has Madonna actual brought up the “Born This Way”/’Express Yourself” beef in public? We tallied them up, and the number is starting to get absurd:

  1. She danced it our at rehearsal: At a rehearsal for her March Tel Aviv concert, Madonna danced seamlessly from “Express Yourself” to “Born This Way.” Clever, but still..mega-shade.
  2. Pointed out how similar the songs sound: “I thought, What a wonderful way to redo my song. I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was … interesting,” Madge told Newsweek in January.
  3. Casually mentioned Lady Gaga’s “obsessions having to do with me”: “As for Lady Gaga, I have no comment to make about her obsessions having to do with me because I don’t know whether her behavior is rooted in something deep and meaningful, or superficial,” Madonna told French paper Le Soir last September.
  4. Called “Born This Way” reductive:  “It felt reductive,” she told ABC’s Cynthia McFadden: “There’s a lot of ways to look at it. I can’t really be annoyed by it … because, obviously, I’ve influenced her.

Wait, you can’t really be annoyed by it? Our only question is:  who is Madonna trying to win over to her side at this point? Certainly not Lady Gaga fans, and Madonna fans got the gist the first or second time around. Whatever happened to all that goodwill Madge and Gaga fostered when they showed their butts/pulled each other’s weaves on SNL lo those many years ago? We guess that kind of glorious butt-centric pop diva unity couldn’t last forever… Tragic, really.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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