The Jeffersons Star Sherman Hemsley Dies At 74


And Weezy wept. According to TMZ, The Jeffersons star and comedic acting great Sherman Hemsley has passed away at his home in El Paso, Texas today. Hemsley was unmarried and leaves behind no children. Sources indicate that the actor was found by his nurse, who initially believed Hemsley was asleep before subsequently alerting the authorities. So far, it appears that 74-year-old Sherman died of natural causes. Either way, the afterlife is welcoming an extremely cantankerous angel as we speak.

While Sherman made a name for himself on the ’70s sitcom hits All In The Family and The Jeffersons, if a ’90s TV show needed an ornery grandpa, feisty judge or a short-tempered dinosaur, Hemsley was their man. Whether it was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Family Matters, Sister, Sister or The Dinosaurs, chances are if you’ve watched TV in the last 35 years, you’ve seen the man at work. And we weren’t even joking about the dinosaur part! Hemsley’s last acting gig was in 2011 on an episode of House of Payne playing, who else, George Jefferson. If you’re unfamiliar with the role that made Hemsley a star (if that’s even possible), please take a moment to pay homage to a classic TV character, and a talented man who made us laugh:

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