Kingston Rossdale Explores His Punk Rocker Roots … Again!


Kingston Rossdale With Blue Hair At JFK Airport

We’ve said this time and time again, but we’ll say it one more time — Kingston Rossdale is way cool for school. And he’s just six years old. We’ve seen him suit up in a natty blazer and tee-shirt combination on Easter Hunts. We’ve seen him rock face paint. We’ve seen him look absolutely adorable in a bowtie and coat for Thanksgiving with his grandparents. While his whole outfit would have looked preppy on anyone else, Kingston made it look hipster, but not annoyingly so! And while we’re on this subject, how can we forget his crazy, awesome blue mohawk? Really, he’s six. We’re not kidding about that. Blue also seems to be his favorite shade. He was spotted headed into JFK with his mom, Gwen Stefani, yesterday, where they were most likely to be jetting off to some place cool. No Doubt, about that. See what we did there? Anywho, while mamma Gwen looked as effortlessly fabulous as ever, all eyes were on Kingston thanks to his blue hair! Yep, it’s back. Not a mohawk this time, but it’s there all right. Don’t miss the complementing pirate shirt, either. And the smiley face fake tattoo on his arm. And the red pants. And the blue sneakers. And this is our point — we want to start calling him Kingston Rock-dale now.

Also, is that nailpaint he has on? Yep, that looks like black nail polish. 

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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