Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Superfans Share Their Disappointment … And Go Silent


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Of course, the short answer is “not too well.” But rather than pile on the Internet fervor over NuttyMadam’s now-viral Youtube reaction, we turned to some of the superfans we’ve known and loved for a while now. A day after Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders issued devastating apologies for their “indescretion,” our own Kate Spencer seems to have regained her footing, at least. But we’ve been hearing stories of some Robsten devotees spontaneously vomiting upon hearing the news. And that’s pretty understandable: Given the level of devotion they have (had?) for Stewart, this can feel like a really personal loss. What we weren’t expecting is the way some bloggers have pulled the plug on the endeavor (at least temporarily), or are simply maintaining radio silence.

“As Kristen takes this time for herself and those closest to her, we will use this opportunity to take a break from blogging and try to regain the piece of us that was lost the last few days,” the administrators of Kristen Stewart News wrote in a post today. “A hiatus will allow us to figure out the best way to move forward.”

¬†We’ve heard nothing from a lot of other sites, like Kristen Stewart Is Better Than You, though they announced today on twitter that they were planning a hiatus as well.

But the fansites who are more devoted to the Twilight franchise than Kristen and Rob themselves seem to be taking this a little better. “I am just as big a fan now as I was before,” Elle from Twilightish told us. “While I’m disappointed in the what’s taking place I am in no position to pass judgement. I don’t know the full story nor do I really want to. Kristen has always acted and carried herself in a manner beyond her years. Because of that I think people forget she’s only 22 and will make mistakes 22-year-olds make. She’s young and has a lot of maturing to do but she should be allowed to do that privately.”

And while Elle doesn’t feel like this debacle will affect her love of Twilight, she does have an opinion of how the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel should go down now. “I think it should move forward without Rupert’s involvement,” she said. “Kristen IS Snow White. You can’t make the movies without her (a recast would be unwise). I’m disappointed to see the lack of blame placed on Rupert in this situation. He’s a grown, married man and while Kristen was obviously an active participant, and also at fault, he should have known better.”

Now it’s your turn. Tell us how Kristen’s infidelity has or hasn’t impacted you in the comments below.

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