Lindsay Lohan Gets Into Another Fender Bender, We’ve Lost Count About How Many She’s Had


Lindsay Lohan In Another Car Accident

Before we go on with the story, we just want to state that we’re really frustrated with Lindsay Lohan for getting into car accidents all the time. Not because she’s “Lindsay Lohan”, but because she could really hurt herself and other people. With everything going on in the world these days, it behooves her to respect and take care of … well, human life. We may have written a haiku to Lindsay about her lack of driving skills this week, which sounded like it was in jest, but seriously girl, stop driving if you can’t handle it. You could injure yourself and other people. This latest accident happened yesterday, and luckily wasn’t serious. But she needs to stop testing that luck! Li.Lo was shopping in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon and was driving her black Porsche Panamera whilst in the area. She was on Sunset Boulevard, and it seems like she could not judge when to brake on time, as she bumped into the back of a stationery silver Mustang. That’s right, it was moving, and a woman sitting in the car, explains, “We were sitting at a light and somebody hit us.” What went down after, is that Lindsay’s male companion apologized for her actions and gave the Mustang passengers his phone number. He said they had to jet off before the paparazzi kicked into action. So far, the damage to both cars has been minimal. But Lindsay’s Porsche has seen trouble before because she slammed into an 18-wheeler last month and she ended up in the emergency room. And let’s not even get into all the other accidents she’s been in. She just needs to stop driving, period.

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