Robert Pattinson Is “Heartbroken,” Moves Out And Other Sad News Of The KStew-Sanders Aftermath


Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross

After the world of Robsten blew up yesterday, and fans cross their fingers that Kristen Stewart’s public apology is just part of a real attempt to patch things up with Robert Pattinson, the gossips are all hunting for clues about how much RPattz — and Rupert Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross — knew was going on before the rest of the world. Most devastating is this quote from the New York Post from a witness backstage at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night: “Rob and Kristen were having a long and intense conversation backstage, and he looked miserable, heartbroken and humiliated. She was pleading.”

But they looked so sweet together onstage! Could he actually have found out THAT NIGHT? Sounds like a nightmare. But we can’t really put a whole lot of stock in this account — they could have just been having a heated debate over Rob’s decision to give the surfboards away to the fans. Still, this is the only thing we have to go on about what his reaction to her makeout session might have been.

People is now reporting that Pattinson has moved out of the L.A. home he shared with Stewart.

That kind of meshes with his quote in Vanity Fair back in April, when he seemed pretty intolerant of infidelity: “There’s a thing I’ve never got, why do people cheat? I’m not the casual-affair kind of guy. If I choose to be with someone, it’s because I really want it. When I have a relationship, I’m 100 percent into it.”

Meanwhile, Liberty Ross seemed rather unhappy with the state of her marriage when she gave an interview to YOU magazine a couple of weeks ago. “I would never say out loud that I am raising my children alone, but a lot of the time it has felt like that,” she told the magazine of her life in Los Angeles, according to the Daily Mail. “I went from the glamour of working with Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano to living on an isolated hilltop, with my husband gone most of the time.”

Again, that doesn’t necessarily mean she knew he was sneaking off with his young Snow White and the Huntsman star. But those are no warm-and-cuddly statements either.

What we’re really wondering now is if Sanders and Stewart will still re-team for SWATH 2. If you were Rob or Liberty, would you stand for such a thing? Stay tuned.

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