The Cloud Atlas Trailer Has Something For Everyone. No, Really. We Broke It Down For You.


What did we just see? We watched the Cloud Atlas trailer and it somehow looked like 8 different awesome movies…seamlessly blended together. We saw glimpses of a futuristic dystopian tale, a swashbuckling adventure, several tragic romances and at least the hint of a time travel movie. While it definitely has a similar vibe to their smash hit The Matrix, it’s hard to know if the Wachowskis‘ film will hold up to what we can only describe as an incredibly well-edited trailer. Either way, we think we spotted just about every conceivable element that would attract moviegoers to the theater. Take a look below if you don’t believe us. If you don’t see at least one thing that makes you want to see Cloud Atlas…then watch the trailer again, because we are sure it’s in there. Come on. Don’t tell us you aren’t into…

Hot old-timey guys reading books!

Halle Berry, cute kids and/or regret!

Tom Hanks and/or hideous ’70s wigs!


Bizarre future cafes!

British gangsters!

Period romances!

Susan Sarandon getting down to business!

Old people cutting loose!

Okay, clearly no one want this scene, but it does have a very Django Unchained vibe going on. And we know you want that!

Uh…this guy! Somebody has to be into this guy already; that’s how the internet works.


Sweat-drenched vests!

And finally, Tom Hanks dressed like the biggest pervert of all time. See you in the popcorn line, everybody!

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