The Man Of Steel Trailer Looks Unlike Any Other Superhero Flick; We Love That About It


If it wasn’t for the classic red-and-blue costume streaking through the sky at the tail end of the Man of Steel trailer, we would have thought Zack Snyder’s Superman movie was a particularly well-done arthouse flick. Maybe it actually is! Squee! In case you didn’t catch a sneak peek of the trailer before your screening of The Dark Knight Rises, the whole spot is radically different than trailers we’ve seen hyping The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers or Christopher Nolan‘s Batman movies. If anything, so far Man of Steel seems like a compliment to Nolan’s Batman: realistic and moody, but potentially more hopeful. Good call, Snyder. Our other thoughts about how the trailer manages to differentiate Man of Steel from other superhero movies include:

  1. Did Terrence Malick direct this movie? Between the rushing water, moody music and billowing laundry, the Man of Steel trailer is as abstract and visually striking as Tree of Life. And that butterfly imagery! We see where you’re going with this, you guys.
  2. Only a sneak peek of the superhero action: The trailer shows very little use of powers and no fisticuffs. The movie seems to be focused on Superman the man, rather than Superman the awesome crime-fighting, cape-wearing alien.
  3. Superman’s a hot fisherman now: Okay, sure! Why not? Henry Cavill looks like he’s pulling it off! We think this is also the first time we’ve seen Superman with a beard…so feel free to give Znyder the Oscar now, is what we’re saying.
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