We Celebrate Sandra Bullock’s 48th Birthday By Remembering Some Of Her Most Winning Moments


Sandra Bullock turns 48Age seems to suit Sandra Bullock quit well. As she celebrates her 48th birthday today, her life appears as exciting and happy as ever. Not only does she have an impressive acting career, but her body is hotter than most 20-year-old’s. (Seriously, check out her flat tummy and sculpted arms). Most important, she rings in her 48th b-day in the good company of her adorable son, Louis, whom she adopted in January 2010. We gotta say, things have been really shaping up for Sandra Bullock.

As one of the richest female celebrities in the world, Sandra has left quite a mark. She first grabbed our attention with notable roles in Speed and While You Were Sleeping. Taking home the 2010 Academy Award for Best Actress, for her entertaining and poignant acting job playing Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side, Bullock continually proves that she is here to stay. While her ambition and funny girl attitude has evidently earned her respect and praise in the film industry, Sandra’s career hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. Rather, she did warm up her Oscar speech with an acceptance of a worst-actress Razzie for her part in the Rom-Com disaster All About Steve.  Her involvement in movies like The Lake House, Premonition, and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous also did not receive the best criticism. (Let’s be honest: We were totally into her makeover in Miss Congeniality, but it was oh so unnecessary to create a sequel). Her personal life has similarly encountered a few bumps. Bullock’s marriage to motorcycle builder gone reality-TV star Jesse James certainly did not end as a fairytale romance. After being cheated on and dealing with a messy divorce, Bullock hit a depressing low, saying, “I was perfectly content to be permanently broken.” Thankfully, Sandra has gotten back on the horse, and we are pretty sure she is in a more “awesome” place than Jesse James.

In celebration of her 48th birthday, we have put together a selection of some of Sandy’s most winning moments over the years.  Let’s not forget that long before Louis became the main man of her life, Sandra was linked to hotties like Ryan Gosling, Tate Donovan and Matthew McConaughey. Get it, girl! Take a look at her most amusing and striking images. We hope that as Sandra gets older, she continues to keep it just as real. 

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