5 Reasons Step Up Revolution Is The Best Guilty Pleasure Movie Of The Summer


I walked into see Step Up Revolution with zero expectations, and found myself cheering and clapping through the whole thing and – dare I confess – getting choked up at one moment. My 3-D glasses fogged up, guys – it was that good. And also a little bad — in the best way possible. The dancing, the script, the love story and the wonderful cheesiness of it all earned it my vote for Best Guilty Pleasure Movie of the Summer. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should be.

1. The dancing.

Obviously this is why we’re all here, right? As someone who has never watched a full episode of So You Think You Can Dance, I had no expectations of how awesome the dance numbers could be. But, oh, how awesome they are! Slick moves, absurd locations, ridiculous use of the 3d. (Dollar bills flying at my head? Guys bungee-dancing down a wall? Yes please!) And the sexiness of it all rivals Magic Mike in its squirm-in-your-seat hotness. Is there anything sexier than two people meeting for the first time in the middle of a horn-tastic, sand-filled beach dance-off? Yeah, there’s not – so don’t even bother trying to come up with something.

2. The acting.

Some of it is fine. Some of it is…let’s just say there’s no Meryl Streep-worthy comparisons to be made. Star Kathryn McCormick mumbles her way through the film and kisses with her eyes half open. But her effort is was makes her likable, still. You know she’s never acted before and she’s trying, damnit. And her less than stellar thespian skills are easy to forget about, because the second she moves her body she’s completely magical to watch.

3. The story.

Oddly enough, the predictable script makes this film even more enjoyable. Because really, the best thing about cliches is that they make for a wonderfully easy on the eyes movie. You’ve seen it all before: Wrong side of the track hometown boys form a dance mob group because it’s the only way to be really be seen and heard in flashy, affluent Miami. The Sexy Leader falls in love with the Rich Guy’s Daughter, the Rich Guy wants to destroy Sexy Leader’s neighborhood to put up some high rises, the lovers quarrel and in the end dancing makes it all right!

4. The chemistry!

There’s no hiding the obvious chemistry between Kathryn and co-star Ryan Guzman (which apparently was a mutual crush situation on-set). It’s hot. I shipped them in real life the second I saw them grind up against each other on the beach. And there’s a sexy slow dance set to my favorite emo jam as the Miami sun blazes behind them — what more can you ask for?

5. Ryan Guzman.

Welcome to the world of sex symboldom, Ryan! Seriously guys — I am not normally into muscle-y hunks with twinkle-y eyes (I like ‘em brooding and anemic-looking) but this guy DOES THINGZ TO ME. The film is his acting debut and he did a solid job on-screen — so solid that he gave me all the feelings in all the right places. Of course the obvious question here is: Is Ryan the next Channing Tatum? Interestingly enough Ryan didn’t even know how to dance before this film (he’s a martial arts pro) so the comparison seems a bit silly to me. But could he possibly have a hunky, heartthrob-y movie career? I sure as hell hope so. Also, abs abs abs abs abs abs.

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