Fred Willard Jokes About Arrest On Fallon, Might Join Lucky Celebs Who Survive Their Scandals


Most of us would have been cast out of society if we’d been caught in a compromising position at an adult movie theater, but not Fred Willard! Despite being fired from PBS, Willard seems to be taking his (seriously gross) scandal in stride, even joking about it on Fallon last night. “The movie you went to see..was it The Firm? Was it Free Willy? Was it Anaconda?” Jimmy Fallon cracked. “No, sadly it was Get Shorty,” Willard joked back. Dang, son! That takes some serious stones. Of course, if Fred rides this out like we think he will, he certainly won’t be the first celeb to survive a scandal. Celebs like…

Hugh Grant

Remember when Hugh Grant and sex worker Divine Brown got arrested for “lewd conduct” back in 1995? Barely, right?

Rob Lowe

In 1988, Rob Lowe was caught in a sex tape scandal with two women, one of whom was allegedly 16 at the time of filming. He subsequently went to rehab for sex addiction and then became your clean-cut type-A boyfriend Chris Traeger on Parks and Rec.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy was stopped and questioned by cops after picking up transgender (you guessed it!) sex worker Atisone Suiuli in 1997. Eddie explained that he was simply giving Suiuli a ride home, and then went on to make Mulan and Doctor Doolittle in 1998.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin called his daughter a “pig” and had had numerous run-ins with the paparazzi, but he is still a beloved part of 30 Rock.

Britney Spears

It might seem like an eternity ago, but it was only 2007 and 2008 when Brit-Brit was stepping out of every car sans undies, going to rehab, shaving her head and being taken to a psychiatric ward. Now she’s making a bajillion dollars on The X-Factor. That’s how she do. That’s now she do.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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