Lady Gaga-Lindsay Lohan Friendship Has Us A Little Worried (And Is LiLo To Blame For That Nude Pic?)


Lindsay Lohan, Ellen Von Unwerth and Lady Gaga

Earlier this month, we heard stories about Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey striking up a friendship and having a little slumber party at the Chateau Marmont in L.A. We kind of shrugged it off as one of those fever dreams we have after writing too many blog posts. Also, they were reportedly just playing board games and watching old movies, so we really didn’t believe it. But yesterday, Gaga posted pics from their ladies’ night on her site.

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Maybe that camera was out of focus — despite the presence of the lady in the middle, photographer Ellen Von Unwerth — but those bleary eyes don’t looks to be caused by too much movie-watching and board-game playing. (If so, we wish we’d known to use that excuse in high school, when our parents examined our red eyes!) And unfortunately, Lana Del Rey is nowhere in site to complete this picture. Anyway, we wonder if we should be worried about all this. Is Gaga a bad influence on LiLo? Or the other way around? Gaga openly talks about her drinking and has copped to drug use — which she so far seems to be handling OK. Lindsay Lohan should really be trying to stay sober, if she’s to continue her plan to regain her career.

And we really kind of want to blame LiLo’s devil-may-care attitude for Gaga posting this photo of herself naked on an armchair. (In a comment under her caption, Gaga says she’s wearing underwear, so don’t come after us, censors!) We’re all for celebrating the body, but this kind of (not super flattering) pic veers dangerously close to overexposure territory … where LiLo has been known to venture.

On the OTHER hand, we could take a completely positive view of this sleepover. 1) Sleeping over means no one’s going to be driving = NO DUIs for Lindsay! And 2) maybe Lindsay, who was in 2010’s Machete, was helping Gaga get her role in Machete Kills, which director Robert Rodriguez just shared on Twitter yesterday. If that’s the case, then carry on, ladies.

Lady Gaga in Machete Kills

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