Tom Hardy Raps With His Son, Now Please Give Him All Of The Roles And Awards Already


Ever since I saw him in This Means War back in February, I have been trying to will Hollywood to give Tom Hardy a lot more romantic roles, and really, everything else they want to throw his way. Actually, since Inception, I’m pretty sure a lot of casting directors wanted to hire him anyway, but his character was too creepy for me to really jump on the bandwagon. And it’s not like his Dark Knight Rises costume is winning him any rom-coms (though he did beat Christian Bale in last week’s Hotness poll, which was handily won by Joseph Gordon-Levitt). But today, for some reason, the above video is making the rounds, and it proves without a doubt what a vastly talented person this man is. It was posted back in 2011, but judging by the fact that we’re pretty sure that’s his son Louis (now 4), this was probably shot back in 2008. Whatever, the man has skillz. What kind of role will this revelation land him? The fictional story of the long-lost fourth Beastie Boy? Never mind. Just give him ALL of the roles already.

Tom Hardy

Dark Knight Hotness: Can You Choose Between Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Tom Hardy?

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