KStew And Rupert Sanders’ Red Carpet GIF Offers Insight Into Their Affair Except No It Doesn’t


Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Snow White Gif Sparks Rumors

Look at the way Kristen Stewart kind of lifts her hand! Look at the way Rupert Sanders takes a step toward her! Clearly there must have been something tawdy going on between these two at Snow White and the Huntsman premiere May 14, what with all the raw sexual energy coursing through this red carpet gif posted by Gawker. Or not. Yeah, almost certainly not.

Seriously, if this gif was somehow evidence of their illicit affair, what could Rupert even be saying that would suggest that?

  • “I’m going to announce our secret love to Meryl Streep unless you tell me not to.”
  • “Hey, is that Rob over there? Let’s go tell him we made out in a car!”
  • “Let’s hook-up right here on the red carpet! It’ll be like when we canoodled in the park. No one can see us in my two-person invisibility cloak!”

No. Stop. Please. Of course, when accompanied by the allegations made by Leopold Ross, brother of Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross, we could see how it’d be hard to believe Kristen and her director weren’t at least sexting a few months ago. The quote in question, given to Britain’s The People, claims that the two have been together “from the last half of filming and all through post-production, clear into last week.” Seems pretty straight scandalous! Until you consider the fact that Leopold Ross, um, maybe didn’t say that at all. “Contrary to inaccurate reports, neither Liberty Ross nor any member of her family has spoken to the media,” a source tells People. “Quotes that are being attributed to the Ross family have been completely fabricated.” Lordy. Guys, please. There are already photos of Kristen and Rupert together; there is no need to make up more details to confuse us, or make us more bummed than we already are. We got this. Consider us thoroughly bummed!

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