Samuel L. Jackson Live-Tweets The Olympics, And Other Celebs You Should Follow During The Games


Samuel L. Jackson Live-Tweets The OlympicsIf you are only mildly interested in the Olympics, feel free to skip this post. If you have to restrain yourself from talking to everyone on your subway car about the Serbian men’s volleyball team (humina humina, are we right? Ladies? Gentlemen?), please continue with our blessing and get your 24/7 Olympics fix courtesy of Samuel L. Jackson‘s hilarious, NSFW live-tweeting of the Games. Like, all the games.  “Told y’all, ladies weightlifting drama! Lil’ babes, picking up heavy s–!” the Avengers actor gushed. “Dope A– start for the women gymnasts! Feeling’ good about our chances! These “judgement” sports are sketchy…@ best!” So good. While no one is offering up-to-the second opinions like Mr. Jackson (yet), there are a number of other celeb Twitter we’re going to go ahead and ask you to also follow if you are as sincerely obsessed with the Olympics are we are:

  • Ryan Seacrest: Think whatever you want about the Crest; there is no denying he gets to go absolutely everywhere at the Olympics. Want to warm up for your gymnastic routine next to Ryan Seacrest? Too bad! He’s here anyway! “Who saw that motorboat wake behind Lochte??,” Ryan gushed this weekend. Not in person like you did. Damn you, Seacrest!
  • Shawn Johnson: In addition to offering the perspective of someone who’s already won a gold medal (this old thing?), gymnast Johnson is also adorable and adorably diligent as a special correspondent for the Today show. We cannot even wait for her to cover women’s gymnastics later this week.
  • Michelle Obama: Do you want to see the First Lady side-hug every American athlete she can get one hand on? Of course you do! You’re still reading this post, aren’t you?
  • Bryan Cranston: Okay, so it’s only one tweet so far, but it’s the best: “Note to ‪@michaelphelps‬. Channel your inner Walter White. As you look at the water imagine blue crystal and say to yourself, I AM the danger!” Combining our twin loves of Breaking Bad and Michael Phelps…that’s the ticket. The ticket to…the Olympics!

Any other celebs rocking your pommel horse with their Olympic-sized Twitter obsessions?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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