Lana Wachowski Appears In Cloud Atlas Promo; We Wonder If She’ll Be The First Transgender Oscar Winner


Filmmakers Lana Wachowski, brother Andy and Tom Tykwer made a video for their iTunes Movie Trailer page hyping their upcoming sci-fi romance action flick Cloud Atlas (based on the trailer, it also has old timey ships!), but the internet seems to be less interested in the script based on David Mitchell‘s novel or any subtle hints as to whether those ladies in the trailer are actually robots or clones. Instead, the rare on-screen appearance featuring Lana, former known as Larry, suggests that The Matrix co-writer and director has completed her transition to a woman. So of course we have to skip a billion steps and wonder, is Lana destined to be the first openly transgender person to win an Oscar?

Okay, okay. We know that the Wachowskis are more known for crowd-pleasers like V for Vendetta than for being Academy darlings, but think about it. Cloud Atlas has Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, dazzling effects, sweeping epic love stories and robot lady clones? If this movie isn’t Oscar bait, we do not know what is. Of course, we’re not just hoping Wachowski will be the first openly trans person to get an Academy Award because it would be cool to tell our futuristic grandkids about it. No, more importantly an Oscar won by the Wachowskis would mean that Cloud Atlas actually turned out to be as good as it looks. Seriously, watch the trailer! Our expectations could not be higher!

On a completely unrelated note, do you think Lana is rocking pink dreads as a homage to Run Lola Run? What if you factor in the detail that Tom Tyker directed Run Lola Run? You’re right, you’re right. Save the speculation for awards season.

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