19 Photos Of Michael Phelps Being A World Champion: An Olympic Medal History


Michael Phelps swam his way into the history books yesterday by earning his 19th Olympic medal, becoming the most decorated athlete of all time. And I feel totally qualified to talk about that achievement, as I personally have earned four separate trophies for Little League. Beat that, Phelps! Wait, I’m told that everyone else on the team — and maybe even the league — also got a trophy, but I’m not letting that detract from my moments of glory. So obviously I can relate to what Phelps must be feeling like right now. But man, 19 medals!? Can he even remember each of them? We can! Head on down to the gallery below to relive the moments, from Athens back in 2004, all the way to last night’s victory in the 4×200m freestyle relay finals. So chant a few “USA! USA! USA!”s and  check out the highlights from Michael Phelps’ record breaking career. Enjoy!

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[Photo: Getty Images]

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