Don’t Worry: We Went Ahead And Screencapped Zac Efron In The Paperboy Trailer For You


We don’t know why they buried these great cinematic shots of Zac Efron in soaking wet tightie whities in the middle of The Paperboy trailer. Shouldn’t the entire trailer just be a gif of his slow underpants dance with Nicole Kidman? Why we aren’t in control of these decisions, we’ll never know. We could tell you what the people want, Hollywood, if you would just listen!

Questionable editing decisions aside, the trailer does seem to deliver on the sweaty, over-the-top action we were anticipating from Lee Daniels‘ Southern-fried crime drama. There’s also a shot of Efron crawling on the beach in what we have to assume is the scene where Nicole Kidman pees on him to treat a jellyfish sting. We can’t wait to see how that scene makes any narrative sense in what appears to be murder mystery. We also can’t wait to see it because it involves Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman peeing on former teen hearthrob Zac Efron.  You know, maybe Hollywood doesn’t need our help after all. It seems like they’re getting at least some aspects of the filmmaking process right. Also right? These screencaps of Zac Efron:

Zac Efron In Paperboy TrailerZac Efron In Paperboy Trailer

And, because we’re equal opportunity perverts, a shot of Nicole Kidman’s underpants. Get your straddle on, girl!

Nicole Kidman In Paperboy Trailer

[Photo: Millennium Entertainment]

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