Kristen Stewart’s And Robert Pattinson’s Next Projects: An In-Depth Look Ahead


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
The past week has been a tumultuous one for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their fans, after the actress confirmed (and quickly apologized) that she had cheated on her boyfriend and Twilight co-star with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Currently every celebrity publication has a jillion stories up about the affair and the couple’s possible split, filled with anonymous sources and loads of speculation. So let’s walk away from the gossip for a bit and take a look at what lies ahead for each of the actors and their careers. While their personal lives might be stuck in a rough patch at the moment, their creative pursuits have never been better, with new roles (on- and off-screen) and possible awards-season appearances on the horizon. Consider this a pleasant palate cleanser from that toxic rumor mill that’s currently churning away extra hard right now.

Kristen Stewart

Year in review (so far): Kristen is already one of the reigning indie queens of her generation, and she’s established herself as an actress who’s able to flow effortlessly between blockbuster and low-budget films with ease. After leading the charge in Snow White and the Huntsman, which has pulled in over $380 million worldwide so far, she’s heading back to her indie roots wearing a new hat: executive producer on the Nick Cassavetes-helmed film Cali.

Next up: Cali, a film about a couple from the Valley who come into money after shooting and selling a fake snuff film. Kristen’s co-star in the film is Alex Pettyfer, the handsome and talented Brit who is as known for his Magic Mike bod as he is for his attitude. Cali is reportedly set to shoot at the end of this summer, but fans have speculated that there may be a delay due to her recent relationship issues.

And then there’s: Back-to-back promotion for the final Twilight film (sniff), Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (out November 16) and On the Road, which generated awards-season buzz when it debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in May and has a London premiere coming up on August 16 (Kristen is not expected to attend). The Hollywood Reporter said the actress was “perfect in the role” of MaryLou.

Down the road: Kristen has a teeny-tiny part in her mom Jules Stewart‘s directorial debut, K-11. A sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman has been ordered, but the film’s status is unclear in the wake of her “momentary indiscretion” with its director, Rupert Sanders.

What else: Paris Fashion week heats up this fall from September 25-October 3. Kristen could possibly attend in support of Balenciaga — she’s the face of the iconic fashion house’s new fragrance.

Robert Pattinson

Year in review (so far): After the release of Bel Ami Rob’s year has been somewhat quiet thus far, as he’s been planning his next big career move — or moves. He’s nailed down some serious roles that will keep him busy long into 2013. His film Cosmopolis (directed by David Cronenberg) is by far is most ambitious role yet, and it premiered at Cannes to positive reviews. Variety called Rob’s performance “excellent” and his “strongest” and “most substantial” work to date.

Next up: Rob is scheduled to attend the Cosmopolis premiere in New York on August 13 and a Q&A on August 15, thought it remains to be seen if he will show in the wake of what will from here on out be referred to as: That Super Crappy Thing That Happened (TSCTTH). ET reported recently that the actor backed out of the film’s press junket, but his his reps have denied this story.

And then there’s: Mission: Blacklist, the biographical thriller in which Rob will play Eric Maddox, a man partly responsible for capturing Saddam Hussein. The film is set to start production soon in Iraq. And when he gets back to the States, Rob will head right into Breaking Dawn – Part 2 promotion.

Down the road: Rob will star alongside Guy Pearce in The Rover, an Australian project which just received financial backing. Says The Hollywood Reporter: “Set in the Australian desert, the futuristic western tells the story of Eric, who has left everything, everyone and every semblance of human kindness behind him, as he’s forced to join an injured gang member, Rey, to hunt down Rey’s gang after they steal the last of Eric’s possessions.”

What else: Rob is in talks to star in a biopic about the Band, which would be amazing just to see Rob get musical on screen finally. (Rob singing “The Weight”? Yes,please!)

There’s been some chatter about how Rob and Kristen’s recent turn in the tabloids will affect their individual onscreen success. Our guess? In the long run, not much. Both have made serious efforts to distance their personal lives (both with and without the other) from their professional ones, and both continue to choose roles that challenge their skill set and the public’s perception of them as actors. And their hard-core Twilight fans seem committed to supporting the franchise’s final film, even though they’re still struggling with Stewart’s affair. But while the actress certainly has a long road ahead to repair public perception (and also heal herself and her relationship), we suspect her work onscreen will help her slowly transcend the scrutiny she currently faces. As for Rob, he continues to choose intellectually challenging and wildly different roles to play, and is working with some of the most respected directors in the field. None of this is by accident — he has an eye for picking unique projects.

What do you think of Rob’s and Kristen’s individual career paths and film choices? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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