American Idol Isn’t The Only Show That Desperately Needs Some Snoop


Snoop Dogg Says He'll Join American Idol

As far as we’re concerned, Snoop Dogg…we’re sorry, Snoop Lion is seconds away from signing his American Idol contract as we speak. We can only assume AI producers screamed with joy this week after they heard the rapper declare “I’ll do American Idol” in an interview. We never would have thought to pair Snoop with Mariah Carey, but now that we have, the two will never be torn asunder. American Idol spokesperson Neil Schubert has so far refused to comment on Snoop’s…comment, but we can dare to dream, can’t we? While we’re at it, there are a bunch of other shows we’re dying for Snoop to spruce up as well:

  • Snooki & JWoww: As a father, Snoop will undoubtedly have some words of wisdom about Snooki’s unborn. She should always keep a window open, though. Just as a precaution…
  • Eel of Fortune: We just heard about this show today, but it feels right to have Snoop laughing and handling a bunch of eels on TV.
  • Cake Boss: See Eel of Fortune.
  • Girls: What if they just replaced Zosia Mamet with Snoop and never addressed why Shoshanna suddenly transformed into a good-natured 40-year-old African-American guy? That would at least make her character more believable. Okaaaaaaay?
  • How I Met Your Mother: In the finale episode, Snoop suddenly appears in a time machine and says the name of Ted Mosby’s wife-to-be. You never meet her, and when the characters look in their wallets, all the dollar bills have Snoop’s face on them. You’re welcome, America!

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