Kiernan Shipka’s Closet Is The Stuff Of Dreams


We want to be Kiernan Shipka when we grow up. Is that possible? Well, it certainly is possible to dream of one day becoming as mature, articulate and fashion-savvy as the 12-year-old Mad Men star. Her closet is the stuff of legends, and we are totally envious of Harper’s Bazaar editor Laura Brown, who stopped by the actress’ home for the above edition of the YouTube series “The Look” on the Hello Style channel. We can’t list all the things we love about this video, but here are some highlights:

1. She loves the red Little Mark shirt she’s wearing, especially with a cardigan, “because it’s kind of a printed, Peter Pan kind of vibe.”

2. She got to keep Sally Draper’s “back-up go-go boots” from this past season of Mad Men.

3. She loves these Converse high-tops. (But her worry that they got dirty kind of misses the point of Converse, no?)

4. Not only does she idolize Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant and collect vintage dress patterns, she can make her own dresses, like this one.

5. Above all those girly dresses and next to that awesome green bag are her Taekwondo belts.

6. This quote about red-carpet style: “I always try to make it a little bit different each time. I most admire people who aren’t afraid what people are going to think and really just rock it. Even if it’s really crazy, I kind of tend to respect that more than somebody who plays it safe.”

When I was 12 I was all about trying to wear whatever the popular girls were wearing (um, I think it was Express shirts and pleated pants at the time). Kiernan, please go back and time and teach me a lesson or two.

[Photos: The Look on YouTube’s Hello Style]

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