Michael Phelps’ Childhood Photos Win All Of The Medals


Michael Phelps

It’s been a pretty epic week for Team USA’s Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. His 19th Olympic medal win makes his record-breaking career incredibly inspiring to those of us whose swimming skills consist of doing the doggy paddle and clinging onto a noodle. While Michael’s swimming abilities have been making us all extremely proud ever since the day he stepped foot in Sydney, Australia’s Olympic pool in 2000 at age 15, his good looks have made us all simultaneously fantasize about, um, taking swimming lessons with him (let’s not get too ahead of ourselves). Since a girl can only dream, we have decided to get to know Michael a little better by taking a journey down his adorable childhood photos that his mother Debbie so kindly put together as part of his page in Towson High School’s 2003 yearbook. If we are going to go on a date with Phelps, we should know more about him than his swimming achievements, right?

Join in on the celebration of Michael Phelps’ Olympic victories by getting acquainted with Michael on a more intimate level. Check out just how adorable he was as a little kid and swimmer-in-training. Caution: You may become even more obsessed with the man, the legend Michael Phelps.

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[Photos: Splash News Online]

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