Paulina Gretzky Strips Down For Complex, But Wants Us To Focus On Her Singing. We’re Getting Mixed Messages


Famous daughter and scandalous twit-pic virtuoso Paulina Gretzky has taken to the pages of Complex magazine to urge us to pay more attention to her singing. And we’d like to, honestly we would. But when you see the way she’s dressed -or, rather, undressed- it can be a little distracting. So is the tattoo of her dad Wayne Gretzky’s hockey number on her upper thigh. Does anyone have Dr. Freud on speed dial?

Yes, some have labeled that 23-year old an attention seeker. But as far as she concerned, that’s all part of the package when you want to be a singing sensation. She is classically trained and apparently set to drop her debut in the coming months. “I’m a normal 23-year-old. I know attention is part of the career I’ve chosen, but I wish I was presented in a different light.” She denies rumors that her dad shut down her twitter after those pictures came to light, and clarifies that insane lingerie/dress that TMZ caught her wearing out and about back in April. “TMZ said that I was going to nightclubs in lingerie. I wasn’t. I was at a restaurant eating dinner with friends.” See guys? Perfectly innocent explanation.

At the moment the LA lady admits she’s single, and not so ready to mingle. “I’m focusing on my music, my career, and my family at the moment.” So what can we expect from her big debut? “It’s very pop mainstream. When I first started, I wanted this Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani rocker girl vibe, but then I grew up and changed. I have a very raspy voice. My inspiration has always been Stevie Nicks. ” So fans of both Fleetwood Mac and of really hot women should start counting down the days. Check out the video of her interview below the jump!

[Photo: Complex]


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