Sex And The City‘s Lynn Cohen Cast As Catching Fire‘s Mags. We’ll Just Start Crying Now.


Lynn Cohen Cast in Catching Fire

Hopefully she’s as good at making fish hooks as she is at making Miranda feel terrible about her sexual choices! Lionsgate announced today that America’s favorite judgmental housekeeper Sex And The City’s Lynn Cohen has been cast as District 4 victor-turned-coach-turned-tribute in Catching Fire. Partnered with Finnick Odair and endeared to Katniss, Mags is an 80-year-old Hunger Games mentor who volunteers to protect tribute Annie Cresta. If that already sounds like a tear jerker, you might need to stock up on Kleenex now. It only gets more heart-wrenching from there.

Cohen has most recently appeared in Nurse Jackie, Bored to Death and basically every permutation of Law & Order on television. In case you thought Cohen’s range was limited to just “comically old-fashioned domestic worker,” her emotional moments with Cynthia Nixon over her ailing mother-in-law, as well as her turn as Golda Meir in Munich, will show you otherwise. Seriously, you will cry at your desk if you watch the videos below the jump. Oh no…we just remembered more details from Catching Fire. Yeah, we are already dreading that whole “falling to the ground in a horrible dance” business…

[Photo: Getty Images]

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