It Has Come To Our Attention That Florent Manaudou Is In Fact The Hottest Olympian Ever


Olympian Florent Manaudou Wins Men's 50m Freestyle

Insanely hot dimples? Tribal tattoo? Tacky mouth jewelry? Yeah, swimmer ‪Florent Manaudou‬ is definitely picking up Ryan Lochte‘s mantel as, in the words of Jezebel, the reigning sexiest douchebag of the 2012 Olympics. We mean…who else would we tolerate having that tattoo? Oh right, no one. Earlier this afternoon the French swimmer snagged the gold in the Men’s 50-meter Freestyle and since then he cannot stop showing off his tongue piercing…which we’re also sort of into. What is wrong with us? The power of Manaudou is too strong! We had no idea we’d have to edit our 25 Hottest Olympians Of All Time gallery so soon, but here we are.

Now, we don’t mean any disrespect to Ryan and his slightly off-putting pool shenanigans. It’s just that we’ve already been praising his talent and face all week, and when we saw ‪Florent Manaudou‬, we remembered we had other options. Options that have the arm span of a condor. In addition to snagging France’s fourth gold medal for swimming, Manaudou also threw a wrench in the works for the American team, keeping them from a clean sweep of tonight’s events. Obviously, we’re still Team U.S.A., but…take a look at the man. Dang.

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