Ride, Ride Pony. Ride, Ride: Lady Gaga’s Fans Transform Her Into A Highway Unicorn


Lady Gaga Unicorn

Follow that unicorn/ On the road to love! Also, follow her to the store where she bought those faaaaaaaaabulous teal centaur pants. “transforming….,” Lady Gaga tweeted along with two photos of herself as a lip-bitingly fierce Gagacorn. We all just imagined what it would be like to be those back legs, right? We cannot wait until genetic engineering gets a little bit more advanced and Gaga can make this look a reality. Personally, we’re going to go with the protruding lizard spine from “Bad Romance.” Oh, or those jutting face horns from “Born This Way”? Luckily, we have plenty of time to decide!

While E! Online attributes to the equine images to photographer Steven Klein, Gaga’s Twitter link  seems to reveals that the pictures were actually a labor of love by a fan and littlemonster.com member by the name of Alli. Either way, Gaga would be a fool not to use this hotness as an inspiration. Hmmm, what Born This Way song has Gaga yet to film a video for…wait a minute, is there seriously no “Highway Unicorn” video yet? We are begging Gaga to utilize this perfection. She already went mermaid for “You And I.” This look seems like a nature next step. Or four. See what we did there?

[Photo: Lady Gaga’s Twitter]

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