Ryan Lochte Says All Olympic Swimmers Pee In The Pool; We Try To Calculate How Much That Would Be


Olympic super babe and gold medalist Ryan Lochte continued his string of exceedingly terrible interviews this morning (Not that we care.) (See also: super babe), telling Ryan Seacrest that not only does he pee in the pool, so does every other Olympic swimmer as well. “Of course. We always do,” Lochte laughed. “Not during the races, but I sure did before in warm-up.”  Claimed Ryan, “There’s something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go.” Yeah, it’s the water’s fault. The whole thing got us thinking: if every Olympic swimmer actually does pee in the pool, how much urine are we talking about? As it turns out, so much urine:

Let’s begin the equation by supposing, as Livestong claims, the average adult bladder holds approximately 2 cups of pee, often more. Clearly there will a lot of a variation in volume between athletes, but seeing as how virtually all Olympians are peak physical condition, 2 cups seems like a fair guesstimate. Also? We’re calculating the volume of Olympian wee wee in a pool here, so let’s not lose our minds over accuracy.

At the London Games there are 28 individual swimming events and 6 relay, totaling 52 athletes warming up in the pool to compete for the gold. Even if we just account for the male and female medal winners, that’s 156 potentially peeing athletes in the final round. (This is also not counting diving or synchronized swimming, a sport which seems like it would just produce so much pee, we can’t even deal with it.)

By our calculations, if all 156 swimmers only deposit two cups of pee into the pool once (an extremely conservative estimate, if you ask us), that is still 19.5 gallons of urine floating around. Actually, you know what? Multiple that number by two, since each of these athletes would have had to warm up before an extremely nerve-wracking semifinal round as well. All told, we’re looking at a bare minimum of 39 gallons of urine in the Olympic pools. Wow, you guys. We’d like to take a minute to remind you that the Olympic Games are not swum by adorable babies. Thank god for chlorine, we guess. If it wasn’t for that, it seems like everyone in the Olympics would have pink eye.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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