Lindsay Lohan Gears Up For Scary Move 5 Cameo With Charlie Sheen, Shows Us That The Comeback Road Is Tough


Lindsay Lohan is currently showing us that the road to Hollywood “comeback” is a long one, fraught with made-for-TV movies and bit parts in movies with a numeral greater than 3 in the title. LiLo is apparently inches away from signing on to appear in Scary Movie 5, due out in January of 2012. According to E! News,  her rep says she has not officially inked the deal yet “as of right this moment,” but producers insist that they have her nailed down. The film is supposed to be a “reboot” of the spoof series, which has been going strong since 2000. Should we take that to mean they couldn’t get Anna Faris to agree to come back?

The film is also rumored to get an extra dose of “scary” with Charlie Sheen, returning to the films even though he was violently killed off in the last installment. But hey, hookers and a drug called “Charlie Sheen” don’t pay for themselves. It’s unknown if those two will share any screen time, but if they do the amount of white powder consumption between the two (past or present) is so mindbogglingly high that it will probably cause the screen to look like this. Spooky!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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