Usain Bolt Celebrates 100m Gold Just Like You Would: Partying With The Swedish Handball Team


Usain Bolt and members of the Swedish women's handball team

What do you do after defending your gold medal title and setting an Olympic record in the process? On your country’s independence day? OK, many Olympians would be going home and soaking in ice or something, if they have another event coming up. But not Usain Bolt. Even though he’s got a 200m race coming up on Tuesday, he partied it up on Sunday night (and into 3 a.m. on Monday) after winning his 100m in 9.63 seconds, the Daily Mail reports.

And the above picture is why we are so happy social media has entered the world of sports, because not only can we hear the stories from Hope Solo about the salacious goings on in Olympic village, but we can get a sneak peek at some of it, via Twitpics and Instagram. “A gaza we say hmmm mmm,” Bolt captioned his Instagram. We don’t need to understand Jamaican slang to get the gist of that. According to the Daily Mail, the three lovely ladies inexplicably repping the Westside in this pic are Jamina Roberts, Ulrika Agren and Isabella Gullden of the Swedish women’s handball team. They, at least have no more worries in the competition, after being knocked out by South Korea on Sunday.

And by the way, all this time we’d been picturing Olympic handball as something akin to the game you see in NYC playgrounds, played against a concrete wall. Not so. We can only imagine Usain and these ladies were up all night teaching each other such interesting facts about their sport and about Jamaican independence, which his country celebrated 50 years of this weekend.

Congrats on all of these things, Usain. Now get some rest!

Usain Bolt wins the 100m sprint

[Photos: Instagram, Getty Images]

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