Jennifer Lawrence Deserves That Big Catching Fire Raise; Hunger Games DVD Extras Prove Why


Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in The Hunger Games

So, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Lawrence is “in the final stages of negotiations” to get a big fat raise for The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire. Whereas she got $500,000 plus bonuses from the first flick, she’ll be getting something like $10 million total for number two. And you know what? We think she totally deserves it. We’ve been catching snippets of the DVD extras before its August 18 release, and they go a long way to showing that she’s the real heart of the movie (well, that and Suzanne Collins’ story, of course). Take this latest exclusive clip on Vulture today, all about how director Gary Ross and visual effects supervisor Sheena Duggal decided on the way to create Katniss and Peeta’s flaming arena costumes.

I hope you don’t take away my HG fangirl badge for saying this, but the Girl on Fire scene was basically my least favorite of the whole movie. The effects fell way short of my imagination, and they just seemed rather cheesy to me. Not that I could tell you how it would look better, mind you. My point is, even though the effects very occasionally reminded you that you were watching a fictional movie, Lawrence’s stark performance consistently brought me back into the story. I’m sure a whole lot of the three hours of behind-the-scenes footage the DVD contains is going to show more of the same. Here she is learning how to climb trees — but of course, we never care how well she climbs the trees in the end, it’s all about the look on her face once she’s up there, watching the Careers plot her demise.

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